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*Services are offered virtually*
*Clinicians are licensed in the State of Illinois (Clients must be in the state of Illinois at the time of service)*

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The Process of Healing

Are you experiencing a family dilemma that you would like a 3rd party to help you parse and work through? If so, Family Therapy with a licensed psychotherapist might provide some assistance. Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps family members improve communication and resolve conflict. It provides a safe space for those within a family system to discuss their difficulties and develop skills to improve family relationships.

*Services are offered to individuals across the lifespan (age 5-99+)*

*53-60 Minutes*


The Attention You Always Deserved

An intake and assessment are completed during the initial session of Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy. The intake provides an outline of what is expected from both the client and therapist within the therapeutic relationship. The assessment informs how to move forward in treatment based on your service needs and goals. It allows your provider to gain an understanding of any relevant background information in order to develop with you a plan for treatment.

*53-60 Minutes*

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Give Yourself Another Chance

Life can be challenging. Everyone experiences difficult times. Whether we endure financial strain, job loss, a family crisis, or unresolved matters from our past, we can all use a space to talk and feel heard and understood. Individual psychotherapy can be such a space. Also called talk therapy, individual psychotherapy is a 1 on 1 mental health treatment modality where you will meet with a licensed therapist who can help you sort out some of life's challenges. The licensed professional will partner with you to develop a treatment plan as a road map to meet your identified goals. Don't do it alone. You don't have to. Gain the support you need with Individual Psychotherapy.

*Services are offered to individuals across the lifespan (age 5-99+)*

*30-60 Minutes*

What We Treat:

ADHD, Childhood Behavioral Issues, Anger Management, Attachment Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Children/Parenting Issues, Codependency, Cross-Cultural Issues, Elder Issues, Grief and Loss, Impulse Control Disorders, Life Transitions, Distress related to Infertility/Reproductive and Pre/Post-Natal Issues, Occupational Issues, Trauma, Single’s Issues, Social Anxiety, Stress Management, Women’s Issues


Create Healthy Relationships

Couples Therapy is a kind of psychotherapy that focuses on the relationship between a couple. Typically, the goal is to improve communication, problem solve, and learn better ways to resolve conflict. The general aim is to create a healthier, more meaningful relationship.

53-60 Minutes

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